Types of Vibrating Equipment

Industrial vibrating equipment is machinery found in a couple of industries and manufacturing plants for various purposes. Vibrating equipment is used in mining, precious metals, processing, and other related industries to sort material after leaving various chambers. The equipment can also be used to load material from one location to another with conveyor belts and other connection types used.  There are many types, makes, and models of industrial vibrating equipment. As an industry player, acquiring such equipment needs some technical knowledge of the equipment, as well as the ability to match these capabilities with your industry's needs. Generally, industrial vibrating equipment can be broadly categorized into three groups.

Electric vibrating equipment

As the name suggests, these are vibrating equipment that use electricity to power the main vibrating function of the machines. An advantage of electric vibrating equipment is their ability to be used both indoors as well as outdoors. A construction company, for instance, can use this equipment in much the same way a food processing plant would apply its setup. Another added advantage with electric industrial vibrating equipment is the fact that they usually comprise an enclosed engine design. This keeps away dust, debris, and other materials that would normally by launched everywhere when working with vibrating equipment. Electric vibrating equipment comes in a variety of models with different electric options. You can get heavy duty electric vibrators suitable for concrete industries, high frequency models for fine-screening purposes, and many other options that can be adjustable for different work sites and environments. Electric industrial vibrating equipment makes the best choice for versatility when it comes to the number of possible applications.

Hydraulic vibrating equipment

In these machines, the vibrating function is achieved using hydraulic technology. Hydraulic industrial vibrating equipment is ideal for agricultural type of jobs, or generally jobs that involve bulky rock and debris like land clearing. For a new contractor seeking these particular machines, you will want to look keenly at the motor size when choosing your machines. The motor size directly determines the degree of bulk that particular machine can handle. Consult with your fellow workmen on the expected work and how bulky it will be before settling on a motor size, and hence the machine.

Vibrating table

This is usually included under industrial vibrating equipment because vibrating tables are more often necessary whenever industrial vibrating equipment of either type above is used. Vibrating tables help sort materials after leaving the machinery or from the conveyor belt. In some industries, for instance, a vibrating table is the last area products are placed during packing before shipping. This setup helps to eliminate excess air from the packaging.

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