Display Stands - A Comparison

Online marketing and a professional website are a great way of getting your products and services noticed, but actually putting your brand in front of people at trade shows and exhibitions is also a very effective way of boosting sales.  So, what's the best kind of display stand to choose?

Banner stands

Banner stands are usually used for outdoor exhibitions because they tend to be bigger and bolder than other forms of display media, making them easy to pick out from right across a busy showground.  They are fully portable and lightweight, easy and quick to put together and disassemble.  Banner stands are particularly suitable for displaying large graphics for instant impact and the styles available include

  • retractable roller banners
  • pull-up banners
  • simple tension banners
  • double sided banners

A simple banner display stand could comprise two metal supporting rods set into the ground with an advertising banner strung between them.  A platform is then positioned beneath the banner on which you place your exhibit.

More sophisticated banner displays are available, which feature digital graphics streaming across the top of the banner.  These can be particularly useful for displaying eye-catching messages about special promotions, offers, or new products.

Pop-up stands

Pop-up display stands are compact and lightweight, making them very easy to transport.  All you have to do is unpack the stand's frame, which then unfolds and pops-up so that you can lock it together.  The display panels are then easily located onto the frame via magnets to form a really smart and impactful display stand.

Pop-up stands come in a variety of sizes to suit your display.

Modular display stands

Modular display stands are ideal for use in combination with a larger exhibit.  They are basically formed from several modules that can be fitted together to form a small stand containing a number of shelves or compartments.  You can use combinations of modular stands to form interesting and eye-catching additions to your display.

Modular stands are perfect if you want to offer giveaways and items of company literature to visitors to your exhibit.

In conclusion

No matter how good your online strategy, nothing beats meeting your potential clients face-to-face at an industry exhibition or trade fair.  To make a great impact, you'll need to choose the best display stand for your product and company.  Use the examples given above to help you to decide what's best for you and your display.