Signs That Your Boiler May Need Replacement/Repair

Compared to other heating systems, boilers have exceptional longevity. This is because boilers usually have fewer moving parts than their other heating counterparts, which means that you are likely to have less problems with a boiler. However, boilers may develop problems or come to the end of their service life. For this reason, it's important to understand some of the signs and symptoms that you need to replace/repair your boiler. To help you, watch out for the following signs.

Constant Repairs and Replacement of Parts

If you have noticed constant repairs and replacement of parts on your boiler, it could be wearing out. For instance, if you constantly have to clean up leaking water or resetting your boiler every time, then there are high chances that you need to replace your boiler.

Increased Energy Costs

If your energy bills are increasing considerably even after replacing or repairing any damaged or faulty parts, it's time to consider going for a new boiler. This is because a faulty or old boiler will start losing its efficiency gradually, and therefore, even replacements or repairs may not make a big difference as such.

Unusual Smell from Your Boiler

If there is an unusual smell emitting from your boiler and there are some dark marks around the casing of your boiler, the boiler may not be burning correctly. This is dangerous since a boiler that isn't burning the right way will most likely leak carbon monoxide into the air, which is a poisonous gas.

If your boiler is burning with a yellow flame, it's possible that it is producing this poisonous gas. Other signs that your boiler could be producing this gas include difficulty igniting and extinguishing slowly.

Uneven Temperatures in Your Home

Do you have uneven temperatures in your home? Perhaps some of the rooms in your house are too cold while others are too hot, or you always have to adjust your thermostat to keep every room cool or warm so that you create the same level of comfort. If you experience such, then your boiler is simply losing its ability to evenly distribute air in your home to keep it as comfortable as possible.

Unusual Sounds

Strange noises from your boiler are a good indicator of a problem with the boiler. For instance, if there is uneven water distribution from your boiler, pockets of water may form. These pockets are often causes of rattling, hissing, or popping sounds, so watch out for those.