4 Fabulous Home DIY Projects Using Timber Crates

Timber crates are often used for shipping and for delivery of items like wine bottles, but they can also be used for some fabulous DIY home projects as well. You might find used timber crates outside a production facility that they're simply tossing out, or you might invest in some wooden crates for your project; note a few of these below.

1. Enclosed shelving

Start by giving your timber crates a good coat of paint or a nice stain. Visit the home improvement store and buy decorative shelf brackets to go under the crate; opt for something oversized and scrolling for visual appeal. You can attach the shelf brackets to your wall and then set the crate on the brackets for securely storing towels and other smaller items.

2. Small toy storage

For this project, invest in some different widths of PVC pipe and cut the length of the pipes to fit the crate. You can set the crate on its side and then slide in the PVC pipe, stacking the pipes on top of each other. This gives you space for securely storing small toys such as toy cars, small stuffed animals, and the like, without simply tossing everything in the crate and letting it get disorganized and messy.

3. Seedlings

Timber crates are good for use outdoors since wood is very durable and can hold up well against the elements. You can use timber crates for seedlings; line the bottom of the crate with thick plastic and poke just enough holes in the plastic to allow for drainage. Fill the crate with potting soil and then plant your vegetables or other such plants. The handles and lighter weight of the crate allow you to move these around your backyard easily as you need to expose or protect seedlings from the sun, and using a number of different timber crates can help you keep your vegetables and plants separate as they take root and grow.

4. Hinged ottoman and storage

It's not difficult to give a timber crate a lid; simply cut a piece of wood the same size as the crate opening and attach it with a hinge at one side. You can then add a cushion on this lid and you have a hinged ottoman with storage. This is great for the living room or family room where you want to store extra blankets, computer accessories, and other items out of sight while still keeping them close at hand.