Keep Your Radial Flow Centrifugal Pumps in Shape with These Tips

The importance of a reliable water supply in your home cannot be overemphasised. You need it to sustain the plants in your garden or farm, and for other household purposes. Having a borehole is a good way of ensuring that you have enough water for your home. You can pump the water to various storage tanks using radial flow centrifugal pumps. Basically, the pumps comprise the suction pipe (water inlet), an impeller with a rotating turbine, and a discharge pipe that supplies water at a right angle from the impeller. The pump requires electricity to keep it running. Here are a few tips that will help you keep the pump in shape for a reliable supply of water:

Remove Solid Debris and Dirt

Radial flow centrifugal pumps are made in a way that they can work above the water level or when they are submerged. The pump is installed several feet above the surface, and the suction pipe is in constant contact with the water so that the suction pressure created by the mortar pulls it towards the impeller. However, water levels in the borehole might drop and force the pressure to go low. You will have to immerse the pump into the water for you to keep pumping it out in such cases.

At times, the water sourced from boreholes isn't very clean. Immersing the pump in the water means that debris and solid dirt such as small sticks can find their way into the impeller and other components. Therefore, you should have the pump dismantled and checked regularly by a professional to clean and remove such dirt and debris, which can clog its components and lead to a breakdown.

Do Not Exceed the Immersion Limit

Radial flow centrifugal pumps can work submerged in water for a limited duration. There is no standard duration because the pumps have different features depending on the manufacturers. Essentially, the immersion limit is dependent on factors such as the strength of the mortar and the size of the turbine. When buying, you should ask the seller or manufacturer about the length of time that the pump can work when you immerse it in water. It may also be indicated in your manual. You should pay attention to this limit to avoid overworking the mortar and blowing the electrical fuses.

The Electrical Unit

For personal safety and functionality of the radial flow centrifugal pump, you need to install the pump's electrical unit properly. First, it should be mounted on a raised foundation to keep it safe from run-off water when it rains. Secondly, the unit should be in a shade to ensure that the thermal breakers remain cool and keep the pump running. Lastly, inspect the cabling in the electrical unit regularly for any physical damage caused by rodents and electrical current overheating.

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