Choosing the Best Type of Elevator for Your Home

When it comes time to modernize your home, why not consider a home elevator? This may seem like a luxury reserved for only the wealthy, but elevators are actually more affordable than you may realize and can make your home more comfortable as the years go by. As homeowners get older, many prefer to stay in their own home as long as possible rather than move to a senior citizen apartment complex; one challenge they face, however, is managing stairs as they begin to suffer from arthritis, lower back problems, and dizziness or trouble with balance. By installing a home elevator, you may be able to stay in your own home for many more years than if you had to manage stairs on your own. Note your choices for a home elevator so you can decide the best type for your home.

1. Hydraulic

A hydraulic elevator works with pressurized air that pushes the elevator up or allows it to lower. The drawback of this type of elevator is that it requires a machine room or separate section for the machine parts that operate it, so it may be best for new home construction alone. This would allow you to work the design of this elevator into the home rather than trying to retrofit it into your current space.

2. Traction elevator

This type of elevator doesn't require a machine room as it works by sliding the elevator along a track, using a counterweight. While it doesn't need a machine room, it does require room on top of the elevator itself to hold the track and counterweights. This is a good option for homes with an attic or crawlspace above the area where you would install the elevator, as you can open up a section of that space above the elevator for the track.

3. Pneumatic elevator

This type of elevator works with a vacuum feature that is similar to the tubes you see at a bank's drive-through window. The area for the suction pump only requires a small space, just above the tube section of the elevator itself. This is often the best choice for when you want to retrofit the elevator in your home and don't have a separate closet or other space that can be converted to an elevator cab. The tube can be very narrow and can be installed in any corner of the home with the suction pump not needing much additional space above it, a good choice for smaller homes and any area that's a tight fit.

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